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ex)R310-001 or R310/SMA or Straight Plug
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The RFAC Solutions specialize in high quality RF connector, adapter, and cable assemblies. With great pricing, RFAC Solutions want to supply you quality rf products to meet your need. Check our on-line store for the components you're looking for and contact us for more questions.

As RFAC Solutions' customers, you can take advantage of volume discounts based on the following quantity of items.

  • A 5% discount on quantity of 25-49
  • A 10% discount on quantity of 50-99
  • A 20% discount on quantity of 100-199
  • E-mail or call us for the quantity above 200 pcs
Between Series Adapters MMCX Connectors MCX Connectors
Between Series:
SMA to N
BNC to N
N to DIN 7/16
MMCX connector line is a family of products designed as the next generation 50ohm micro miniature surface mount coaxial interconnection system. MCX miniature snap-on connectors offer you an excellent blend of size, weight, durability and performance for applications such as GPS, wireless communication and Test & Measurement.
SMA Connectors SMB Connectors SMC Connectors
SMA connectors are precision subminiature connectors primarily used for higher frequencies with excellent electrical performance from DC through 18 GHz. SMB connectors feature quick connect/disconnect snap-on mating and are available in both 50 and 75ohm impedance structures. SMC Subminiature coaxial connector series is based on the same design as the SMB series. With its screw-on coupling mechanism, the SMC Subminiature connectors are suitable for applications up to 10GHz.
BNC Connectors TNC Connectors N Connectors
BNC connectors are a lightweight connector widely used in computer networks, test and instrumentation, telecommunications and broadcast industries. TNC connectors were originally developed for aircraft and missile applications where extreme vibration is a factor. N connectors are medium size precision connectors for use from DC through 11GHz and feature a characteristic 50ohm impedance structure.