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ex)R310-001 or R310/SMA or Straight Plug
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The SPDT RF switches are designed for reliable operation at power levels to 1 kW Peak, 5~100 W Average at 2.3 GHz band. These are robust PIN diode switches with proven field reliability. Proprietary PIN diode architecture minimizes junction temperatures to assure long life under high power conditions. Small size and weight, fast switching speed and low power consumption make this an ideal candidate for retrofit of ferrite or electro-mechanical designs. Typical applications include cross-sectional measurements, polarity selection, transmit/receive, filter banks, complex high power switch matrix, etc. Consult us for SPNT configurations. When ordering switches, please indicate if there is a specific frequency band of operation.
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Part # Name Frequency Isolation Drive System Application Description PDF Price Qty
RS1080 RF Switch Handling Power 600W Peak, 60W Avg(Fw) 80 dB SPDT Circulator + SPST Pin diode
RS2120 RF Switch Handling Power 10W Peak, 1W Avg 120 dB DPDT SPST Pin diode * 4
RS3120 RF Switch Handling Power 13dBm WiBro 3FA 120 dB USM BDA DPDT Pin diode + LNA + HPA (13dBm WiBro 3FA)
Click to enlarge : RF Switch RS4120 RF Switch Handling Power 24dBm WiBro 3FA 120 dB SM BDA DPDT Pin diode + HPA (24dBm WiBro 3FA)
RS5080 RF Switch Handling Power 600W Peak, 60W Avg(Fw) 80dB SPDT + LNA Circulator + SPST Pin diode + LNA
RS6130 RF Switch Handling Power 37dBm WiBro 1FA 130 dB DP3T + LNA Circulator + SPST Pin diode + LNA
RS7090 RF Switch Handling Power 600W Peak, 60W Avg(Fw) 90 dB AP Module Circulator + SPST Pin diode + LNA + HPA(37dBm WiBro 1FA)